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Travelling to Germany

Knickerbocker's Beer Tours: beer tours of Germany hosted by Tom Perera, German beer expert and correspondent for What's Brewing www.knickerbockersbiertours.de

German National Tourist Office in London: www.germany-travel.org.uk.

Deutsche Bahn UK Booking Centre: www.deutsche-bahn.co.uk Includes Eurostar rail connections to many German cities. London Waterloo to Cologne takes about 5½ hours or you can take a NachtZug (Night train) to Berlin, Hamburg, etc.

Bier-Mania: www.bier-mania.com Beer tour organiser, offering cultural beer tours including brewery tours in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France.

Bookings.org: www.bookings.org/de Hotel booking service, covering many German cities. I used it to book in Cologne and there was no problem.

Berlinside Out: www.berlinside-out.com The Berlinside Out company offers the "Beer and Breweries" trip which can be booked for groups. See website for details.

Leithammel.de: www.leithammel.de Hotel search engine, in German only.

Online Beer Guide to Bamberg and Franconia: www.bambergbeerguide.com a wealth of useful information for planning a trip to Franconia.

The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich: www.beerdrinkersguide.com a useful guide to Munich's beers and where to drink them.

Central Europe's New Breweries a guide to brewpubs and microbreweries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: www.newbreweries.fsnet.co.uk

Good Beer Guide to South West Germany Breweries, Pubs and Beer Styles -- by Steve Heathman: www.beerguide.de.

Munich Tourist Board (includes Oktoberfest details): www.muenchen-tourist.de. Oktoberfest is big business for Munich and it was reported that 6m visitors are expected in 2004, bringing in €1bn. There is a €35 on-the-spot fine for public urination. Personally, I would recommend going to Munich any other time of the year instead. Who wants to visit a German city when it's packed out with drunken Brits, Aussies and Americans?

Bierboerse.com Details of bierbörse (bierboerse) beer festivals in Germany, in German and English: www.bierboerse.com.

German National Tourist Office: www.germany-tourism.de

Stuttgart Beer Festival: www.stuttgart-tourist.de

Tarnold's World with beer guide to Bremen.

Travels Through Germany US site with general travel information about Germany

German beer links from TravelsThroughGermany.com -- lots of useful links.

eurohotelguide.com Guide to European hotels, featuring several German cities.

Hotdoc.de online maps of German (and other) cities with locations of bars, biergartens, hotels etc.

Marcellino's Guide to restaurants in Germany. In German only.

Stadtplandienst Online maps of German cities.

Stadtplan.net Online maps of German cities with A-Z index.

Citynet Germany

Munich beer gartens

Bier am Bahnhof A German language guide to beer at railway stations.

The Universal Currency Converter You'll need this until the UK joins the Euro.

Learning German

BBC German www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german Useful beginners' guide with audio and self test units.

Exeter University Beginners' German www.ex.ac.uk/german/abinitio Very useful online textbook.

German for Travellers www.germanfortravellers.com.

Vocabulix.com www.vocabulix.com - Free, online vocabulary tests.

Babel Fish Translation world.altavista.com: an automatic translator, but it's often inaccurate so use it with caution and don't rely on the results. Avoid using it for any communications with Germans, other than to get a rough idea of their meaning.

Highly recommended: German with Michel Thomas -- an 8 CD set that gives you a good grounding in the language without use of notes or textbooks. The 8 CDS gave me a better grounding in German than two whole terms of evening classes. Michel has also produced a two-CD "German Language Builder" and a four-CD "Advanced German" course, both of which build on the beginners' course. Should be available from any decent library or bookshop. Website: www.michelthomas.com

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Last updated: 26th June 2006

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