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NB: these are all external links for which I have no responsibility so do not mail me asking for the price of beers. I do not sell beer.

Beers of Europe www.beersofeurope.co.uk, Setchey, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Tel: 01553 812000. A stunning range of beers at good prices. Over 200 German beers listed (as of June 2006). This is the only UK source of Schultheiss Berliner Weisse that I am aware of. They also stock Berliner Kindl Weisse and they also have a large selection of glasses. See website for full beer list.

Onlyfinebeer www.onlyfinebeer.co.uk A fine range by mail order. Currently (June 2006) offering a whopping 129 German beers. Online ordering. Check the website for a full listing.

The Pitfield Beer Shop www.pitfieldbeershop.co.uk (14 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HA. Tel: (020) 7739 3701, Fax: (020) 7729 9636) [map] A quite stunning range of beers from Germany, Belgium and elsewhere. You can browse but not order on the web, but orders are taken by 'phone and delivery is free within the M25. Over 50 beers listed, but dated 2002 (website is not regularly updated). Last checked June 2004.

Fabeers, 31 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LS. Tel: 01904 628 344. [map]; W: www.fabeers.com Off licence with a strong range of range of 48 beers from Germany. Also beers from UK, Belgium, France, etc. Mail order, too. [added March 2005].

1516 Beer Company www.1516beer.co.uk A good range of (about 38) German and other beers by mail order. Email or telephone ordering. Full listing on their site. Listed June 2004.

The Offie www.the-offie.co.uk, 142 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 3AE. Tel: 0116 2302448. A splendid range of about 30 German beers as well as a host of Belgians, Czechs, French and British beers (June 2004). No online ordering, but they do take credit card orders by phone, with delivery throughout UK. I haven't been there but it looks well worth a visit.

Booze UK www.booze-uk.com Mail order supplier of international beers, currently stocking about 130 German beers [September 2005].

Beer Ritz www.beerritz.co.uk have a good range (30 listed as of June 2004). Requires JavaScript enabled browser. Includes online ordering. Beers by the caseload only.

Euro-Beer www.euro-beer.co.uk [NB: appears to be offline 06/09/2005. May b e temporary fault?] Specialises in Belgian Beers, but also has a range of approx. 26 German beers including koelsch, hefeweizens, kristallweizens, pilsners and altbiers. Also stocks a small range of glasses and a range of British and world beers. Includes online ordering.

Bitter Virtue www.bittervirtue.co.uk off licence, 70 Cambridge Road, Southampton, SO14 6US. [map] Tel (023) 8055 4881, Fax (023) 8058 5964. Excellent range -- only the second place in the UK I've managed to find the rare Berliner Kindl Weisse. See website for details. Also listed in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide 2001 and CAMRA's Good Bottled Beer Guide 1999. Orders by email and phone. Currently (June 2004) listing 21 German beers.

Beergo www.beergo.co.uk Importers and wholesalers of German beers who supply cases and kegs to trade and to the public. [October 2004]

Alexander Wines www.alexanderwines.co.uk Impressive range of 16 German beers and lots of Belgians. Glasses, too. They can deliver throughout UK. No online orders. [June 2004]

specialityBEERmerchants.com www.specialitybeermerchants.com Currently (June 2006) stocking 10 German bottled beers with accompanying glasses available as a side order. Delivery throughout UK, with online ordering. [June 2006]

Majestic Wine Warehouses www.majestic.co.uk When I last checked, they had Paulaner Weissbier, Paulaner Original Münchener, Erdinger Weissbier and Bitburger Premium (range changes so check website for up-to-date details). All beers are sold only by the caseload and only if you order wines and spirits, too, but you can pick up beers alone (by the case) at the stores. See website for store locations and online ordering. Their delivery system is probably the best -- you can choose a 2 hour delivery slot (assuming you're near one of their stores), so you won't miss the delivery and have to pick up the crates from the mail depot. [last checked June 2004]

realale.com www.realale.com Specialises in British ales but also now stocking some German (and Belgian, etc.) beers. [last checked Feb 2007].

Orchard Hive and Vine www.orchard-hive-and-vine.co.uk, 6 The Buttercross, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8BN. Tel/Fax 01568 611232. They only list Erdinger Weissbier, Erdinger Pikantus and Krombacher Pils, but they have lots of lovely Belgians and Brits. Mail order with online ordering, too [last checked June 2004].

Surf4Wine www.surf4wine.co.uk Wine specialist, with Jever Pils. Includes online ordering at reasonable prices. [last checked September 2005]

Vintage Roots www.vintageroots.co.uk Organic wine and beer specialist, with Riedenburger Helles and Budels Organic Lager. Includes online ordering at reasonable prices. [last checked June 2004]

Organic Delivery www.organicdelivery.co.uk. London only. A specialist organic retailer, selling Budels Pilsner and Riedenburger Weisse. Includes online ordering [last checked June 2004].

The Beer Cellar & Co Ltd 31 Norwich Rd, Strumpshaw, Norwich, NR13 4AG. Tel: 01603-714 884, Fax: 01603-714626.
No online ordering. catalogue sent on request. Email cellar@paston.co.uk

Foreign Beer Imports www.foreignbeerimports.co.uk Online ordering. Only Warsteiner so far (March 2006) but hopefully the range will expand.

James Clay & Sons www.beersolutions.co.uk Trade suppliers of German & Belgian beers (NB: trade only).

Message in a Bottle This great independent beer shop in Exeter sadly closed in 2002.

German sites that will export to UK

www.probier.com Another listing from Jonathan Williams, who states they "Offer a good range of unusual German biers, also a club, and surprise packages, but do not take credit cards. With eurochecks disappearing, it has become much more difficult to pay, as transfers are expensive and fiddly from the UK."

Haus der 131 Biere German site offering international mail order delivery. Strangely, they have only a small and obscure selection of German beers and have more from other nations. In German only.

Ambrosetti Berlin based beer seller. German language site. I couldn't tell if they do international deliveries.

Bavarian Beer Shop An online shop for 3 Bavarian breweries in the Regensburg region: Kneitinger, Eichhofener and Schneider. Lasse Roren reports: "They take credit cards, and although the p&p is as much as the beer, it's still not too unreasonable - slightly less than £2 per half litre bottle including p&p. They also do some special offers."

Coup de Loup German language site, offering mail order beers, but almost all of them are Belgian!

German sites that don't export

www.welt-des-bieres.com Jonathan Williams reports that they "have beers from about 12 breweries, take credit cards, but will not export." Shame.

www.maruhn.de Their website claims over 1250 beers from 60 different countries (including Germany). It doesn't look as if they to mail order at all.

Mail Order German Beer in New Zealand

BeerDirect Has a range of German beers available with online ordering.

Importers and Distributors

See separate section.

If you know of anywhere that I've missed, please email me.

Fruh Kolsch Bottle

It's worth checking out the mainstream off licences and major supermarkets, and if you still can't find what you're looking for locally, try our Mail Order listings.

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Last updated: 26/06/2006

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