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Please send comments, corrections or general feedback using the email address below. I can't guarantee to respond to all emails and cannot respond to questions about where to buy a particular beer or glass (If I know the answer, it's already on the site). If you need details of a particular beer, try the brewery website (see list of German brewery websites) If you're looking for a pub to watch football or other sports, try here: football.html. If you're looking for a particular beer in your area try here: areas.html or for mail order, try here: mail.html. This is a British site so I don't have details of where to buy beer elsewhere other than those that people have sent me about buying beer in the USA. I have no plans to include pages listing beer outlets in other countries at present.

Please note: This site does not sell beer or glasses or anything else. I will not enter into any commercial partnerships or do any other business deals. This site is nothing more or less than a source of information.

You can contact me at: feedback@germanbeerguide.co.uk.

© Copyright GermanBeerGuide.co.uk 2000-2008. All material is copyright. Feel free to use it for any non-profit purposes, but commercial use is forbidden without permission.

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